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Pee Post Pheramone Treated Yard Stake




Teaches your pet to urinate in a specific area of your yard

Saves your grass and your clean-up time. Makes housebreaking easier and faster.

The Pee Post uses synthetic pheromones to attract your dog to the area. The presence of the pheromones will reassure your pet that the elimination place is a pleasant place to remain until his "business" is done.

The pheromones that make the Pee Post™ effective are actually impregnated into the plastic not simply sprayed on the surface. Therefore, the effectiveness of the Pee Post™ is extended and will last up to one year once it is placed in an outdoor environment.

The Simple Solution® Pee Post™ was recently featured on NBC's Today Show. Click on the link below to view a clip from the show.

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