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Pet Eze (PetSafe Classic) Door Replacement Flap - Large

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Although PetEze dog doors are no longer made, we stock all of the replacement flaps to keep your "old" door in "new" condition.

The PetSafe Classic Replacement Flap, the new name for old Pet Eze brand of pet doors, fits several PetSafe pet doors. Including Petsafe Deluxe Patio Panels, PetSafe Instant Panel, Petsafe Wall Entry doors and all older PetEze, US Pet Products, Greater Freedom and InstaFit Deluxe pet doors and Deluxe patio panels.

Package contains single flap replacement. Petsafe Classic flaps are one-piece construction of clear, tinted, flexible vinyl. Magnets are embedded inside the rubber of the flap across the bottom only.

Actual pet door Flap Dimensions:

  • Large Flap size: 10-7/16"w x 15-7/8"h (As measured in Pet Door: 10"w x 15"h)

Please See the Note About the Replacement Door Fit for "OLD" Pet Eze Doors on the Next Tab

Note About the Replacement Door Fit for "OLD" Pet Eze Doors

The design of the replacement flaps has changed slightly due to a change in manufacturing, and there are no longer instructions included to fit these flaps to older doors.
If you get your flap and it appears to be about ¼" too short, don't worry. It is the right flap. All that is needed is to pull the magnet bar up to hit the bottom of the flap.

The old Pet Eze doors have a manually adjusted bar. The NEW Pet Safe doors have a floating magnet bar. This magnet bar is directly underneath the flap, and attract the magnets in the flap. The magnet bar is about ½" wide and usually sticks up about ?" higher than the rest of the frame. At first glance it may appear that the frame is all one piece, but the center part does move. Over time, that manually adjusted bar drops too low.

Grasp the bar on the ends with a pair of pliers and pull it upward, using a wiggling motion. It will adjust out to the top of the frame where you can make it fit your new flap tightly.

Is this the correct Flap?

Since these flaps are used in many older models including some of the models that have been discontinued, you should not be concerned about minor discrepancies in the dimensions. If the flap that you're replacing is close to our dimensions most likely this would be the correct replacement flap.

We have done our best to provide the accurate dimensions for these flaps, however, if you're not sure, please call us prior to ordering the flap.